Project Overview:

A virtual studying tool to thelp students focus, motivate, and reconnect during the "zoom university" time.


Designer, Growth Lead, Community Manager


20K Daily Active Users
28K sign-up users
4K Discord community


  • The pandemic has intensified student's connection to the outdoors, leaving the students feeling "stuck"
  • Studying is so much harder without physical context switching.
  • Students are missing the spark. Virtual learning has interfered with people’s ability to focus.
  • Youtube's "Study with me" can get distracting as you can see unrelated recommended videos.

Virtual Workspace

1. Shuffle your workspace

Allow students to explore virtual spaces without having to leave the comfort of their home by double-clicking on the emoji for a new workspace under the same category.


2. Pomodoro Timer

Students can set a timer for 25 minutes, and focus on a single task until the timer rings with an option to take a 5 minutes or 15 minutes break.  This is a proven method developed in the late 1980s by then university student Francesco Cirillo.


3. Save your favorite space.

Save your favorite space without having to shuffle every single time you go on


Draw-over tool enables visual comments and diagrams

Building in public with our actual users

We started a Discord community with now over 5,000 users where we co-create together. Why Discord?

  • We want to be more authentic and less self interested.
  • Allow users to test our product and offer advice on how to improve it
  • Optimize product market fit and prioritize which features to implement first
  • It’s fun to get a preview of what’s to come - see the inner workings of a small team

We organically built an engaged Discord community with over 5K members

"Feedback" Channel:

  • From the feedback that we received in the channel, the Lifeat team affinitized and prioritized what to implement next. 
  • Here are some of the main themes that occured:
    • Customization of Pomodoro timer, display timer in the tab title
    • Bookmarking a space
    • The ability to add notes, to-do lists

"Vote for Feature" Channel:

  • To engage the customers even further, we let them vote on what should be the next feature launch
  • This excite creates evangelists for 😇

With Love, from our users


Feedback collected from Typeform

Organic word of mouth - We have over 200+ reposts, tiktoks, and retweets 🎉

Save your favorite space without having to shuffle every single time you go on


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